Fumo Shop is an online shop established in 2010 that specializes in imported  gaming devices and PC related products from all over the world. Fumo® is an onomatopoeic word we created to express the feeling of relief and satisfaction after finally finding what you have been looking for. We are working hard every day to provide a service that will always deliver this wonderful feeling.

What makes Fumo Shop® awesome?

  • We want to be the premier arms dealer for the esports industry. We offer the best products with special attention to detail.

    Many of the products on our site are exclusive offerings, including devices used by some of the world's top professional gamers. We want our customers experience the joy of "Fumo®" through our amazing lineup.

  • Customer testimonials are what make us grow!

    Even if we don't carry the product you want, please let us know by requesting it on our website or on Twitter. We always strive to make our customers happy so feel free to drop us a line!

  • Our after-sales support is excellent!

    We also provide full after-sales support and we will resolve any concerns you may have about the specifics. We want customers to shop with full confidence and peace of mind.

  • We love events!

    We love meeting our customers and fellow gamers! We participate in gaming related events all over Japan. We do contests, demos, giveaways, and direct sales whenever we can. We hope to see you at an event near you! Come say hi!

Customer testimonials

  • I'm happy

    It arrived safely yesterday. It felt like a while but everything arrived on time and even got it at a great price! Thank you very much. I will definitely buy again.

    Mr. A, Hyogo Prefecture
  • No worries or stress.

    They always kept me informed of the progress and the product arrived without issue. The product was just as cute as it looked on the product page :) Thank you!

    Mr. H, Chiba Prefecture
  • Very satisfied

    They don't sell this product anywhere else in Japan. I will definitely buy from you again.

    Mr. B, Tokyo
  • I'll be buying again.

    There are not many places that sell this kind of product, but if there is a product like this, I would like to buy it again. You'll be hearing from me soon.

    Mr. T, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Thank you.

    Thank you for everything! The package arrived safely today and I just confirmed that it is working properly. Thank you very much.

    Mr. O, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • No problems at all

    The product arrived safely and everything checked out. Thank you very much. I'll definitely buy from you again if I see something I like.

    Mr. M, Okayama Prefecture